Episode 28 - Case Study: Gayatri Agnew in Arkansas' 93rd.

By Jason Bennett

There are 100 seats in the Arkansas state house and a mere 24 of them are held by Democrats. Of those Democrats, 3 are women and only 1 is a woman of color. In November of 2018, Gayatri Agnew is looking to double that number. Gayatri Agnew is running for the State House to represent constituents of the 93rd district, and to represent women of color across the state. On this episode of the Election University Podcast, our cohosts Jason Bennett and Reiney Cohen interview Gayatri to learn how to get beyond party affiliation, connect with voters across the aisle, and get elected.Whether you are a Democrat running in a red district, or a Republican running in a sea of blue, this is one Election University episode you won't want to miss!

Gayatri is a mother of two, a business leader and a lifelong advocate for opportunity. Her campaign is focused on roads, education, and job diversity. Gayatri shares her cutting-edge campaign insight for hiring strong campaign staff, getting out the vote, and doing digital advertising. You can learn more about Agnew’s campaign and get involved before the November election by going to https://www.agnewforus.com.

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