Episode 27 - Campaign Photos: How to Get the Best Shots

By Jason Bennett

Pictures play an essential role in campaigns. Whether they are in mailers, publications, or featured on a candidates website; photographs are essential in shaping the public’s image of a candidate. So how do you use photography to your advantage in a campaign, and how do you do so cost-effectively?

On this episode of the Election University podcast, hosts Jason Bennett and Reiney Cohen talk about campaign photography. Our hosts talk with Nate Gowdy, a photographer who has worked with the likes of Bernie Sanders and President Barack Obama, and has also had one of his pictured on the cover of TIME Magazine. They talk with him about his career path, campaign photography tips, as well as managing the associated costs. They also discuss useful information regarding copyright and image usage.

Interested in seeing more of Nate’s work? You can find that on his website or see his most recent shots on his Instagram feed. You can view his TIME Magazine cover here.

Listeners, we want to hear from you! Have you had unique experiences documenting a race or a specific candidate? Do you have more tips about cost-effective campaign photography? Do you have suggestions about what we should talk about next? Whatever it is, send your thoughts and suggestions to podcast@ElectionU.com or leave a note in the comment section below.

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