Episode 1 - Our Inaugural Episode

By Jason Bennett

In the Inaugural episode of the Election University podcast, hosts Jason Bennett and Reiny Cohen introduce Election University and discuss their inspiration and goals for the podcast. Upcoming topics include: How To Get a Job in Politics, Political Spouses, and Locking Down Your Campaign. Election University is the go-to guide to winning your election. To sign up for our campaign school and to learn more about Election University, visit www.electionu.com. You can listen to the show right on the website here or by subscribing in iTunes, Apple Podcasts, GooglePlaySpotifyStitcherSoundcloud, and more! If you do subscribe, please leave us a rating and review. We love the feedback! If you'd like to hear a particular topic on our podcast, please email podcast@electionu.com

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Episode 1 - Our Inaugural Episode

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