Q2 Fundraising Numbers are in!

By Jason Bennett

The Presidential Q2 fundraising numbers are in and we have the details and breakdowns of where each of the Presidential candidates are as of June 30th. A few things to note: If the sum of Q1 and Q2 does not add up to the Total Cash Raised column, that's likely because the candidates raised money prior to our Q1 tracking or modest rounding errors. Also, the polling information is an aggregate found here of the most recent, approved national polls.

We will update that information frequently to see who pops up above 2% or who might dip below. The link to the source is included in the column header. Also, we tried to note (and make consistent) flags for when candidates transferred money from their other candidate accounts into their Presidential or when a large sum of cash raised was a part of a Joint Fundraising Committee. These numbers do NOT include party numbers like the RNC or DNC or affiliated PACs or candidate's super PACs. Finally, the average donation and number of donor columns are self-reported numbers. If the candidates have a "?" or a "maybe" in those columns, then the candidate has not divulged the information or they are playing coy with the information (perhaps in an attempt to raise more money).  The list is also sorted by largest Q2 fundraising haul to the smallest. 

Questions, comments, or ideas on other ways we can slice and dice these numbers? Let us know!  Email us at: info@electionu.com.


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