Episode 37 - The Work of Conducting Elections

By Jason Bennett

You research the candidates. You listen to the attack ads on TV. You volunteer to doorbell and you donate to a campaign. And then finally, after a long campaign season, you vote. But then what? What happens to the ballot dropped in the mail, or the tally taken at the poll booth? What happens behind the scenes, between checking the box for your candidate and the results? This week on the Election University Podcast, we go behind the scenes of election management. We get into the electoral nuance that allows our democracy to function. Tune in for the insider’s scoop on election management!

Our guest this week is Neal Kelley, Registrar of Voters for Orange County, California. Neal has worked for Orange County, the fifth largest voting district in the United States, since 2004. In that time, he has managed over 75 major elections and  overseen the tally and production of over 15 million ballots. But before transitioning to election management, Neal grew several companies in the private retail sector. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business and Management form the University of Redlands and a M.B.A from the University of Southern California.

You can learn more about
Neal Kelley and his work here. You can learn more about Orange County on their website, here. You can also access real time voting data on the Data Central section of their website, or explore documents about Orange County pilots and projects in the Election Library.

Listeners, we want to count your vote! What did you think of this week’s episode? Have you ever volunteered as a vote counter or supervisor? What questions do you have about the elections process? What topic should we tackle next? We want to know! Send us an email at podcast@electionu.com or leave us a note or a review in the comment section below. You just might be the next guest on the Election University podcast!

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