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Election U

Deputy Chief of Staff

Position location: Portland, OR

Annually: $1043832 to 1305408

Party: Others

Job Type: Full-time

Posted: 21-Mar-2019

Job Description.

Managing Mayor's Office staff, coordinating day-to-day operations of the Mayor's Office, and providing supervision to staff;
Anticipate, identify, and troubleshoot issues;
Develop and analyze policies by collaborating with staff and stakeholders;
Representing that Mayor and the Mayor's Office in meetings;
Interacting with a variety of elected officials, staff, and constituents;
Ensuring that that the Mayor's Office is making progress on its goals and initiatives;
Supporting the Mayor and Chief of Staff in setting the strategic direction for the Mayor's Office;
Providing direction to bureaus in the Mayor's portfolio and ensuring appropriate action occurs, with a focus on equitable outcomes;
Other duties as assigned.

The work requires adherence to City and Mayor's Office policies and procedures and the ability to accurately perform time-sensitive work. The successful candidate will be highly organized and motivated. We are looking for a candidate who can think on their feet and works well in stressful situations. Knowledge of the City of Portland and/or community is a plus.

This position is exempt from Civil Service and is an "At Will" position. It serves at the discretion of the hiring authority, subject to City of Portland Human Resources Administrative Rules and Portland City Charter and Code.


Required Qualifications.

Strong interpersonal and communications skills;
Understanding of and commitment to promoting equity and inclusion;
Experience working for an elected official and/or a deep understanding of political and legislative processes and working through them;
Experience working in a fast-paced and high-stress environment;
Ability to analyze, troubleshoot, and problem solve in high-pressure situations;
Ability to come up with and implement creative solutions to difficult and intransigent problems;
Experience with negotiations;
Experience creating or implementing public policy; and
Ability to develop work plans for staff and provide clear, concise direction.

Minimum Education
Bachelor's degree (Master's degree preferred but not required)

Minimum Experience
A track record of professional experience including managing and directly supervising a team of professional staff. The ideal candidate will possess at least five years of leadership experience.

Preferred Qualifications.

masters degree

Application Process.

Apply Here
Deputy Chief of Staff
Company Details
Company: City of Portland
Department: Government affairs
Party Affiliation: Non Partisan
Link: https://www.portlandoregon.gov