Election University is an online campaign training software for first-time candidates and staff.

The program includes a full classroom curriculum and Do-It-Yourself tools that allow down-ballot campaigns to keep their costs low. These time-saving features are critical for candidates who want to get up and running quickly and minimize the trial-and-error that often happens in campaigns with new candidates and limited budgets. The tools included in the system are appropriate for any non-Federal race in any jurisdictions. Whether your district is safe or swing, rural or suburban, and in any corner of the United States, ElectionU has tools to help.

In addition to the training and tools, there is a weekly podcast specifically focused on down-ballot races. Our co-hosts, Reiny Cohen and Jason Bennett talk with industry experts to deliver simple advice to candidates and staff about races just like yours! You can listen to the show right on the website or wherever you get your podcasts.

If you do subscribe, please leave us a rating and review. We love the feedback! If you'd like to hear a particular topic on our podcast, please email podcast@electionu.com

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Election University also has an approved vendor list and jobs board. If you're looking for
your first post-graduation jobs in politics or if you're looking for a career change, our jobs
board will help you get there. These lists and boards will always be free to post and review.